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We are all made of stars.
We are all creatives.

Everyone is a designer

Everyone find solutions daily to live better: finding remedies for everyday life events, adapting to constraints, setting up home, time planning, according pro and personal life, managing logistic, being creative in hobby or passion... Everyone is creative.

This XXIst century in democratic countries is the openness century, where each of us can be a piece of a more human system. Internet allows each of us to communicate, share and do things that change real life. Passive consumption is progressivey replaced by citizenship empowerment. Trying to launch a project is something that anyone can envision, thanks to examples given by pioneers of the emerging open society.

The fluidity in communication, information, meeting new people online, learning, sharing... has opened the way to collaborative habits, both for personal than professional activities. Working together replaces progressively the old-school "top-bottom" mindset, where only ideas of the top-hierarchical actor were taken into account.

Exploriacomm offers not only ethical practices and tools, but a modern approach, where co-creation is facilitated. Two ways of intervention are proposed to you: the classic way where you delegate your project to me, and the way of collaborativity.

Let's collective intelligence make the (art of) work!

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« Faire » together.

Old way illustration

Old way

Taylorist survivalism
Each actor of the project bought it piece of a solution found by the head of the team. Expertise and creativity was stricly separated. The result is often a product or a service imagined by persons at the top of a structure, not linked to final users. Top-bottom movement.

New way illustration


A rhizome intelligence
Each part is involved in the design of the solution globally, and share their ideas at several steps. Every points of views are a wealth -even if not expert for one given question-, are essentials to explore plenty of answers to a need. Users-centered approach is at the origin of this methodology. Creativity is not strictly expertise.
Everyone is co-creator.

heart handshake image

Taking care of users.

"Unicorns" is the word chosen by startupers to appoint themselves. But true unicorns don't eat datas. Rather, they blow hope and invit to break free.

Users-first thinking

Ethics by design


Sharing ideas and knowledges

Web accessibility

Using Libre tools and techs.

Libre Office | docs + presentations

Pencil Project | wireframes

Inkscape | prototyping + vector artworks

Gimp and Krita | compo + photo effects

WordPress | websites

and many more...

Free softwares ("free" as in "freedom") are ethical and powerful tools, designed for the best collaborativity ever.

Mindfulness process.

Beauty interlinks with sense.
Sense can make beauty.

Being true

Being honnest

No bullshit blah

Being fair

Bringing joy

Moderation and elegance.

Avoid inordinate choices (« K.I.S.S. » method, Keep It Simple Stupid)

Avoid overkill technical options

Adapt to real-world usages

Adapt to network ressources

Adapt to project HR ressources

Progressive approach, MVP/tests/prod virtuous loop

Thinking all aspects of a project with respect for users, devices, network ressources...
inspire user image

Be an inspiration for your users to bring them
to another level of creativity and inner freedom.

Explore services

Free Softwares

Open, social, commons, freedom-first

« Free » in « Free Software » is more than talking about the price of the software: it’s about Freedom first and foremost (although Free Softwares are often cost free).
Everybody has heard about « open source », that consists in sharing source code of softwares. But there are essential nuances between projects in this diverse and particular universe: some are truly open, and others not. « Open source » licences don’t ensure that the software is fully open. Furthermore this phrase is commercial oriented. On the contrary, developers choosing true open licences (GPL and so on) work with a social scop in mind and want to guarantee the following 4 freedoms, fundamental pillars of Free Software philosophy:


Use it as you wish


Study the code and modify, adapt it


Share the software


Share your own version of the software

Ethical, robust, proven

These 4 Freedom are not limited to usage, furthermore Free Software thinking leads to a user-centered approach, where respect of people is the key point.
Being ethical doesn’t mean to be amateur, it’s exactly the opposite. Since late 1980s, Free Softwares are used in several parts of the computing world, and notably in professional field. IBM, Intel, RedHat, SAP... even Microsoft and Google are contributors in Free Softwares development.

Famous Free Softwares

Maybe you already use Free Softwares, because a lot of them have become leading alternatives to closed softwares.

Logo Firefox

Web browser

Logo IceCat

Web browser

Logo ThunderBird

Email client

Logo LibreOffice

Office suite

Logo GNU Linux

GNU Linux
Operating System

Logo Debian

OS distribution

Logo MediaWiki

...that runs WikiPedia!

Logo WordPress

Web content management system

Logo Drupal

Web content management system

Logo Joomla

Web content management system


Web content management system

Logo Jitsi

Conf call

Logo Pidgin


Logo FileZilla

FTP transfers

Logo GNU Social

GNU Social
Social network

Logo Mastodon

Social network

Logo Hubzilla

Social network

Logo Apache

Web server

Logo NextCloud

Cloud solution

Logo OwnCloud

Cloud solution

Logo FreePlane

Mind mapping

Logo VLC

Media player

Logo Audacity

Sound editor

Logo RAWTherapee

Photo processing

Logo DarkTable

Photo processing

Logo Gimp

Graphic design

Logo Inkscape

Vector drawing

Logo Scribus

Publishing editor

Logo Krita

Digital painting and more

Logo Kdenlive

Video editor

Logo FreeCAD

3D CAD modeler

Logo Blender

3D modeling and video

Logo PeerTube

The YouTube alternative!

and many more...