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Technical infos

This website has been made with hand/head/heart, and Free/Libre Softwares: Gimp, Inkscape, Komodo Edit, Koala for SCSS, LibreOffice Impress for conception and writing, ImageOptim for compression, FileZilla for FTP transfers... on Debian, with a local server with Apache, MariaDB and PHPMyAdmin.

Respect of your privacy

This website has no cookies, no ads.
If you contact me by email, I will retain your email adress only for the purpose of exchanging about your project or answering to your requests, and possibly sharing with you news about my evolutions if our relationship become friendly.
At every moment, you can ask me a summary of wich personal informations I have about you, to delete or modify your email adress or others personal datas from my contacts book, by sending me your request by email.
The hoster of this website, Nuxit, retains connections datas during 2 months. Its contact details are: 132-134 Avenue du Président Wilson, 93512 Montreuil Cedex, phone: +33 (0)4 86 57 60 00.

Credits, licenses

Website license
Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license excepted particular notices. See terms of the license.

Photographies used in artworks:
Night sky by cfaobam - License CC-BY
Unicorn woman by Balance - License CC-BY-NC-SA
Stars by Nathan Starzynski - License CC-BY-NC-SA
Man playing with light by Gamma Man - License CC-BY

Space Mono - SIL Open font license
Montserrat Subrayada - SIL Open font license
Sinkin font - Apache license

Logotypes of listed softwares in the Principles page are the property of their respective owners.

I <3 GNU
Please feel free to use the I Love GNU sticker.

Legal territoriality

Activites of eXploriacomm are governed by French law.